Getting Your Money’s Worth: All About Using Your Iphone

Are you intrigued by the iphone but feel you may not have enough knowledge to properly use it? You may not be sure if you will ever figure it out. There is no need to fear. This article has a lot of information to help you enjoy your very first iphone!
You need not worry about being lost when you have your iphone. Maps are integrated into the iphone experience, and through them you can always see exactly where you are and get directions to any location. This makes it easy to find your way home, or locate somewhere new if you have never been there before. 
Make sure you update your phone when ever updates become available. This will help ensure your phone is working as fast and efficiently as possible. Updates also allow you to save your photos and important files to your computer.

Picking Out Speedy Products Of Iphone

Do you hate all of the notifications that come into your iphone? You can shut them off. Click on settings and tap notifications. Check out the applications in the heading “In Notification Center”; then remove whatever you do not need. This will also help your battery to last longer.

Necessary Aspects For Iphone

It’s not necessary to press the X to get rid of that annoying AutoCorrect suggestion box. Just tap the screen. You can tap anywhere and still get rid of the suggestions. This closes the suggestion box immediately, so that you can type the word the proper way.
Be a faster texter by using this simple trick. If you don’t like the dictionary’s suggestion for a word replacement, just tap the screen anyplace to get rid of it. It is not necessary to actually touch the small “x” that is located next to the word.
Would you like to insert a letter with an accent into your text? Simply do the following. Use your finger to select the letter, then hold it down for one or two seconds. This will bring up a box that gives you different letter options to insert. You can type some fancy letters as much as you want!
The default setting for your iphone is to show previews of incoming text messages on your lock screen. You might find this annoying rather than convenient. If it’s the latter, you should be happy to know that disabling this feature is something that can easily be done. All you need to do is go into your setting and then click on notifications, and finally, tap messages. The facility you wish to disable is known as “Show Preview”.
You can take screenshots with your phone. Once you are ready to take the screenshot, first hold the home button down, and then tap the sleep button as well. The screen will turn a white color when your screenshot has been taken and saved. It’s that simple!
Since you’ve read the above article, you ought to feel more secure getting and making use of an iphone. If you don’t already own one, it’s time that you did! Use what you have learned here; you can master your phone and you will probably be unable to stop using it!


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